I first worked with Debbie 18 years ago to sell a house and buy a new one. She was so good that she gave me what I now understand was an unrealistic view of the selling/buying process: I told her exactly what I was looking for in a home for my two girls and me, and do you know how many houses she showed me? ONE. It was perfect and I bought it on the spot. Now, nearly a generation later I’m once again selling my house and buying a new one to move in with my girlfriend. Naturally, I called Debbie. This time, we looked at 7 houses before finding our forever home – a number my girlfriend assures me is absurd. In selling my existing home, Debbie went WAY above and beyond to ensure I not only had multiple offers within the first day on the market, but that it sold above list price. I really credit Debbie as she not only spent a weekend helping to spruce the place up for sale (!!) but worked with a stager to help stage it beautifully too. She wrote a thoughtful description and priced it right, resulting in precisely the experience every seller dreams of. Debbie shepherded the process on both the buying and selling fronts seamlessly, and she was her delightful, lovely self throughout it all. Debbie’s network of tradespeople and professionals is also unmatched, which has been a tremendous help in both the renovation process of the new place, as well as the staging of the old. We all seem to know at least one realtor in our network, but I still tell everyone to use Debbie, anyway. For the same price, in my experience, Debbie will out-work, out-negotiate and out-charm the competition every time.